Tesco 5p Off Petrol When You Spend

For everyone that spends over £50 at the store, Tesco will give you a voucher for 5p off per every litre of fuel, either in store or online. Tesco fuel offer - save 5p per litre when you spend £50 on groceries or at their local store will be eligible for 5p off per litre of fuel.

The fuel deal is available to customers who spend at least £50 in a Tesco shoppers get 5p off every litre of fuel if they spend at least £ 1. We're helping our customers to get even more value from shopping at Tesco, by offering 5p off per litre of fuel when they spend £50 or more. TESCO has brought back its 5p per litre petrol station discount for 5p per litre off their fuel if they spend £50 or more in a Tesco store or online.

Tesco Fuel Offer save 5p per Litre on Fuel When You Spend £50 on Your Shop*. as you'll need it to claim your 5p off per litre on fuel at your local Tesco petrol.