Why Are My Legs Itchy After Showering

For some people, hitting the shower brings with it an uncomfortable side effect: pesky, persistent itching. Itching after you take a bath or shower. Itching, burning and tingling of the skin after exercising and taking hot baths can be caused by a condition called "cholinergic urticaria." This is a sensitivity to sweat or heat. Symptoms are sometimes followed by an itchy rash. This condition is more common in people with allergies, asthma and atopic dermatitis.

Learn about the reasons why a person experiences itching after taking a hot shower, including how to treat some of the causes of itching.

Dear Doctor, I always feel itchy after I take a bath. But I'm not the only one, I have asked around and some people I know also have the same.

A shower may leave your skin clean, but if your skin itches after you shower legs and forearms, dry skin is the likely culprit for your discomfort. Do it right after you shower, bathe, or wash your hands, while your skin Some people develop dry, itchy skin when they come in contact with. How can I keep my legs from itching after taking a shower? Views ยท What medical condition is associated with getting super itchy legs?.