How To Sync My Ipod Shuffle With Windows Media Player

While Windows Media Player is used by millions around the world as the standard player on Windows systems, and the iPod is one of the most popular MP3. The iPod Shuffle connects to the computer with a USB cable for transferring music Windows Media Player recognizes existing tracks on the iPod so only new Click the "Sync" tab in the upper right-hand corner of Media Player, which will.

If you ever tried to sync your iPod using Windows Media Player, then you know that the two just won't play together. Unfortunately, the only way to sync your iPod . If you're sick and tired of synchronizing with your iPod via iTunes, here's the latest way to do this! To sync iPod Shuffle to Windows Media Player, you can simply. While Windows Media Player supports device sync, the iPod isn't readily compatible with it unless you install a special plugin for Windows Media Player.

Most of the people like to listen to music on Windows Media player and files stored inside your iPod, along with selecting the "Sync Music ".

The following article will help to know the ways to sync iPod with Windows Media Player and transfer music between Windows Media Player.

i have my 1st ipod i can't sync from windows media player it doesn't it is is is a ipod shuffle 2gd 4th generation it lists many ipods as being.

When I had my iPod Shuffle, I hated having to use iTunes, and the second I to hear that there's a plugin for Windows Media Player that lets it sync to the iPod.